June 12, 2016 

At some point in life the world's beauty becomes enough.      Toni Morrison

I can't stop looking at her. Well, at her and her nest, her beautiful, furry nest made from teeny twigs and tufts of Molly's soft grey undercoat. Is it a gesture from a kind universe or a random act of nature, to find such beauty outside our window when we are longing for our silly dog? Whatever, I'm grateful to see this little bit of her, lingering. And happy I thought to scatter a bag of her fur earlier this spring. Those tiny eggs tucked into their downy bed, will they bond with essence of damp dog? 

So it's all about the orioles. Being careful not to let the screen door slam. Making sure the hanging oranges are juicy (hydrate!). Taking the long way to the bee yard. No mowing. And watching, watching.